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Easter Brunch 2023

WUNA’s tradition of Easter Brunch continues this Sunday April 9th at 10am. Catalina Park along 2nd St.

Bunny interns are needed! Jim will be at the park at 9:15am and needs help with setting up and hiding eggs. Please come a bit early and help if you can.

Hope to see you Sunday. It’ll be a relaxed and happy day 🌼

Poster for WUNA's Easter Potluck Brunch 2023

Remember to Shop Local!

Please, support your local businesses however you can. Even though many have shut their doors, many have also opted for new delivery and curbside pick up options. Buy a gift card, order to go, purchase some merch on their site, and head over to your favorite businesses’ social media channels to see how they’re still serving the community and how you can support them.
Learn more on the Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition website and the Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition on Facebook.

Planting Day at Catalina Park’s New Desert Gardens

Oct 25, 2020
Ford Burkhart
Photos by Lenor Glover

On a fallish October 25, a pleasant Sunday, with temps in the 80s, WUNA and friends planted our Catalina Park with everything from penstemon to mesquites, along with milkweed, dogweed, and deer grass.

About 30 volunteers from West University, along with Feldman’s and Dunbar Spring neighborhoods, gathered to help the experts from Tucson Clean and Beautiful plant the drainage swales dug to collect rain, when, and if, we ever get any. This was the culmination of a grant WUNA President Judy Sensibar wrote about a year ago applying for water harvesting project funding.

Jon Choi, the Stormwater Harvesting Project Manager at TCB, who led the team in drawing up the plans, including curb cuts for the south side of the park, gave credit to his group and to Parks and Recreation generally, all under the grant that supported seven city staff to lead the effort…
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City of Tucson E-Scooters Pilot Program

E-scooters are being deployed in Tucson as of Sept 12, 2019. Many will be in our part of town and we will start seeing them on our neighborhood streets fairly quickly. This is a pilot program with two operators: Bird and Razor. Each operator may launch and operate up to 500 scooters (1,000 total), and can launch an additional 250 scooters in “opportunity zones” – characterized by a high percentage of low-income households without access to a motor vehicle.

»More information about the Bird and Razor program, rules of use, how to rent, etc.

Call for Good Contractor References: Preferred Provider List Update!

Sep 19, 2018

It has been a couple of years since we updated the Preferred Provider List, which is a very useful benefit of WUNA membership.

Most of us have historic or at least older homes and fixing them requires a knowledge of older systems and finishes. Some trades people enjoy the challenge, others hate dealing with our complex issues – and others pretend they know how and make things worse.

That is why it is important that we share with each other the names of people who have worked for us and done a great job!

So if you have had a good experience with someone who has worked on your historic home recently, please email us the name and contact information. This will only take you a minute but can save your neighbors much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair. Consider it your first good deed for 2018!

Love Your Neighborhood!

WUNA VP and Prez at Easter Picnic 2022
WUNA VP Betsy (left) and WUNA President Judy (right) rockin’ the shades and sun hats at the Easter picnic at Catalina Park, April 16, 2022.

Welcome to Our Neighborhood!

The West University Neighborhood Association (WUNA) is a group of friendly neighbors who have formed an association through which we can address mutual concerns and enjoy neighborly social activities… »more