About West University Neighborhood Association

The West University Neighborhood Association (WUNA) is a group of friendly neighbors who have formed an association (a non-profit corporation) through which we can address mutual concerns and enjoy neighborly social activities. WUNA members volunteer their time to improve the neighborhood while protecting its historic resources.

WUNA sponsors both fund-raising events and social events. Fund raising events include the Historic Home Tour and Fourth Avenue Street fair booths. Social events include a dinner or potluck for our Annual Meeting in January. In past years we have enjoyed spring Easter egg hunts in Catalina Park, a summer potluck on National Night Out, winter carolling and softball games. We also have a beer booth selling beer, soda and water at both the Spring and Winter Fourth Avenue Street Fairs. Participants always have a lot of fun and it is a great way to meet your neighbors.

WUNA does lots more, including:

  • Assisting neighbors with issues that affect their quality of life
  • Coordinating positions on issues that impact the neighborhood
  • Holding meetings
  • Publishing an annual newsletter in late December
  • Organizing and participating in neighborhood cleanup days
  • Maintaining a close working relationship with the Ward VI Council office, The City of Tucson, The University of Arizona, The Tucson Unified School District, The Fourth Avenue merchants Association, The Marshall Foundation, our surrounding neighborhoods and many other community service organizations
  • Organizing and holding public workshops on community building, neighborhood planning, and other projects that are of importance to the neighborhood
  • Applying for neighborhood improvement grants
  • Developing a community supported neighborhood plan
  • Addressing crime, noise, parking and traffic problems

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Our Board of Directors meetings are held at Trinity Church Fellowship Hall. All are welcome!

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