Follow WUNA on YAHOO!

Since 2005, WUNA members have used a YAHOO! group to keep in touch. We are using the YAHOO! group a little less as Facebook gains prominence, but you are warmly welcome to follow WUNA on YAHOO! too.

»Go to our group on YAHOO! (You need to be a member.)

To join the WUNA group on YAHOO!:

  1. Go to the WUNA YAHOO! page. You will either need to sign in using a YAHOO! ID (you can get a free YAHOO! ID by clicking on the sign up button) or, if you want to be able to post messages without bothering with a YAHOO! ID, send your email address to the WUNA YAHOO! group manager, and we’ll send you an invitation.
  2. After you’re signed in, just follow the instructions.

Please send any questions you have to the WUNA YAHOO! group manager.

Street Car, Tucson, AZ - on Follow WUNA on YAHOO! page