Anza Park

Good News for Anza Park

Oct 19, 2020

You might have noticed Anza Park is looking very quiet and peaceful lately. TPD arrested a longtime drug dealer and his clientele have moved on.

Police have asked us to come up with ideas to be in the park. Volleyball has started many evenings again, and players appreciate us coming by to show our support.

Construction of the 🐾 dog park has begun! Let’s get in the habit of walking our dogs 🐾 to the park to see the progress! 🐕

Here is a plan of what the full remodel will look like. Please note that the dog park, new restroom and some utility work are in the first phase and are planned for completion this year.

Anza Park Plan as of March 2021 (overhead map)


DE ANZA: 7am-10:30pm
CATALINA: Sunrise to Dark