History of WUNA

The West University Neighborhood Association (WUNA) was formed in 1979 when a group of neighbors gathered informally to discuss the future of the area. At that time the neighborhood was experiencing a period of resurgence after several decades of decline. Young families had begun purchasing and restoring the lovely homes that had been neglected or partitioned into apartments. Zoning at that time favored the development of warehouses. Led by community activist Linda Laird, a group of volunteers interviewed former and long-term residents and collected the documentation necessary for applying for historic designation.

The 1981 West University Historic District Rehabilitation Plan describes the formation of the association:
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(Pages 3 and 4 detail history of the neighborhood.)

In 1980, West University Neighborhood was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Most of the houses and buildings were entered into the register at that time, and West University Neighborhood became the largest historic district in Arizona.

Copies of the original application for national historic designation are at the West University Neighborhood Association office, but you can also view them online here:
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In 1983, West University Neighborhood was designated a Historic Preservation Zone by the Tucson City Council. There are six Historic Preservation Zones in Tucson. »Learn more on the City of Tucson site

WUNA is proud of these designations and continues to work actively to preserve our historic structures and neighborhood character. Any major new development is carefully assessed for its potential impact on the area. Over the years, WUNA has assisted low-income homeowners with grants and loans for necessary repairs. Volunteers have planted and pruned new street trees.

Monsoon sidewalk, Tucson, AZ - The History of WUNA