TEP Pole Route News

Sep 12, 2020. Four neighborhoods, with WU Board members at the helm, have worked hard to come to a consensus on how we should advocate for the best TEP Pole route for the Kino to DMP 138kV Transmission Line Project. We zoomed and talked on the phone and emailed until we managed to concisely outline our points to Mayor and Council in this letter.

TEP has extended the public commenting period – neighbors now have until September 20, 2020 to submit their responses.

Please use the facts and statements given in our letter or add your own to submit a comment!

The more responses TEP receives about how Campbell, not Euclid, is the better route, the better chance we have for TEP to bring this choice to the Arizona Corporation Commission in November.

Submit your comments by September 20, 2020 using one of these methods:

  • Mail a letter with comments to:
    Kino to DMP 138kV Transmission Line Project
    P.O. Box 711
    ATTN: Kino-DMP
    Mail Stop RC131
    Tucson, AZ 85701-0711
  • Sending comments to KIN02DMP@tep.com
  • Filling out an online comment form on the project website
  • Calling 1-833-523-0887 and leaving a voicemail message

Get updates and more at the TEP website.

TEP recomienda a los residentes y propietarios a compartir sus opiniones sobre posibles rutas para lineas de transmisión. Por favor comparta sus ideas utilizando la información de contacto que se menciona arriba. Si tiene alguna pregunta, comunique se con nosotros al KIN02DMP@tep.com o 1-833-655-0399.