WUNA Board of Directors and Area Representatives

On this page you’ll find the list of the WUNA Board of Directors and Area Representatives and their respective area numbers. To find out where each numbered area exists within West University Neighborhood, see the WUNA Area Representative Map.

WUNA 2019 Annual Meeting Board of Directors Nominations

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The Board of Directors shall be composed of not less than three (3) and not more than twenty-five (25) directors, elected by the membership of the Corporation at each annual meeting of the membership. Each member of the Board of Directors shall be a Voting Member of WUNA except as provided below.

Ten (10) of the directors shall be Area Representatives of the ten (10) neighborhood areas… Each of these ten (10) shall represent a different area. An Area Representative shall reside in or own real property within that area. In the event no qualified Voting Member is willing to serve an area, then any Voting Member shall be eligible.

Up to five (5) additional directors shall be the persons elected to fill the following offices:
A. President
B. Vice-President
C. Treasurer
D. Secretary
E. Historian

The immediate Past-President shall also be an officer of WUNA.

The remaining directors shall be elected at large by the membership and may include one (1) representative from each of the following organizations:

  • University of Arizona
  • 4th Avenue Business District
  • University Blvd. Business District
  • Church Consortium

The representatives of the 4 organizations need not be Voting Members of WUNA.

WUNA 2019 Board of Directors

  • President: Judy Sensibar
  • Vice President: Lenor Glover
  • Secretary: Margaret Bly
  • Treasurer: James Glock
  • Past President: Chris Gans
Area Representatives
  • Area 1: Sabrina Rigas, Jan Labate (Alt)
  • Area 2: Brian Chanecka
  • Area 3: Sally Rusk
  • Area 4: Tamara Prime
  • Area 5: Richard Fifer
  • Area 6: Lisette DeMars, Willem van Leeuwen (Alt)
  • Area 7: Lisa Agababian
  • Area 8: Daniel Kirk
  • Area 9: Matt Williams
  • Area 10: Jane McCollum, Tom Warne (Alt)
At-Large Representatives
  • Elizabeth Koleski
  • Rick McDonald
  • John Patterson
  • Henry Werchan

WUNA Organizational Reps and Committees

Organizational Representatives
  • University of Arizona (&CCRC)
    • Henry Werchan
  • 4th Avenue Business District
    • Fred Ronstadt, DeeDee Koenen, Jasmine Pierce
  • University Boulevard Business District
    • Richard Fifer, Jane McCollum, Tom Warne
  • Church Consortium
    • Elizabeth Koleski, Reverend Mack Sigmon
WUNA Committees
  • Development
  • Events

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