WUNA Board of Directors and Area Representatives

On this page you’ll find the list of the WUNA Board of Directors and Area Representatives and their respective area numbers. To find out where each numbered area exists within West University Neighborhood, see the WUNA Area Representative Map.

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President: Judy Sensibar
Vice President: Lenor Glover
Secretary: Margaret Bly
Treasurer: James Glock

Area Representatives:
Area 1: Janet Labate Pitts
Area 2: Michael Barker
Area 3: Sally Rusk and Yvonne Arden
Area 4: Dan Wilhelm
Area 4 Alternate: Tamara Prime
Area 5: Richard Fifer
Area 6: Lisette DeMars and Willem van Leeuwen
Area 7: VACANT
Area 8: CJ Jones
Area 9: Matt Williams
Area 10: Jane McCollum

At Large:
Carolyn Niethammer, John Patterson, Elizabeth Koleski, Henry Werchen, Chris Gans

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